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Want to run on all 12 cylinders every day? Feel like you could use a tune-up? Repair? Maintenance? Recovery? My passion is helping you feel, move, and perform at your best, regardless of your age or activity level.
I am Marie Finamore, ATC, CSCS, LMT, a 30+ year sports medicine innovator and practitioner. My passion is helping YOU feel, move, and perform at your best, regardless of your age or activity level. With a diverse background, experience, and education, I have a deep toolkit of knowledge, skills, and techniques to help you achieve your goals, be it in elite sports performance, staying active and independent as you get older, or recovering from surgery, injury, or accident. The things i’m doing today will be considered cutting edge 10 years from now.
Maybe you’ve done rehab, training, stretching, mobility, and all the other stuff that’s out there, and still looking to tune things up a bit more. I can help you! I’ve been helping people be their best longer and better than just about anyone out there. Really! Olympic and other world-class athletes, on-the-go professionals, busy parents, hard working people~ everything from normal adult wear and tear to weird things no one else seems to be able to figure out i can usually help. I am the best at what I do, and I love a challenge!
I became interested in holistic healing at a very young age. Watching my mom giving my dad backrubs, talking about our dreams, using plants and lifestyle for health~ these seeds, plus a gift and love of the sciences, led me to pursue a healthcare career. Athletic training was the closest thing to holistic healthcare at the time, with it’s emphasis on prevention, non-drug treatment, sociology, psychology, nutrition. Later I pioneered the use of “massage” (manual therapies) in the sports medicine and physical therapy settings. In all settings I continue to develop cutting edge preventive, therapeutic and performance enhancing strategies for for athletes of all ages, chronic pain patients, and everyday people.
Have Thumbs, Will Travel Story

The “Have Thumbs, Will Travel!” story:

In 1988, the USA men’s Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team needed an athletic trainer, but wanted a massage therapist. I could do both well, and i got the gig… Hence the name, Have Thumbs, Will Travel at 1988 Seoul Olympics!®

In 1988, the USA men’s Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team needed an athletic trainer, but wanted a massage therapist. I could do both well, and i got the gig… Hence the name, Have Thumbs, Will Travel!®

I went on to do three Olympic Games and other events for USA Wrestling, worked at the international level with USA Weightlifting and USA Gymnastics as well. My University level experience was at University Of MInnesota, Twin Cities, and Arizona State University. Currently my private practice is beyond its 25th anniversary. I am also the Director of Sports Medicine at East Valley Strength and Conditioning in Chandler, AZ, and have accompanied our teams to regionals and the CrossFit Games.




An integrated, holistic approach to prevention, healing, and maintenance is what i offer. I will evaluate your situation. If you need to seek more advanced medical diagnosis and care, I will tell you. If we agree I can help you, with your permission, I will design a program for you, drawing from my toolkit of manual therapies, traditional athletic training modalities, herbal and aromatherapy formulas, therapeutic exercise, mobility techniques, stress reduction strategies, and nutrition tweaks to come up with the best solution for you.

It may take one session, it may take several. I cannot bill your third party insurance, so i will never have you coming for more visits than you need. I’d rather have you refer your friends and family to me after telling them how much better you feel! I am happy to create a home program for you, if appropriate, and correspondence and questions by text and e-mail is FREE.




An athletic trainer is to people what a pit crew/mechanics team is to race cars/automobiles:
Not running quite right? Come in for a tune-up.
Get injured? I can check you out~ major crack-ups obviously need advanced emergency care, but for follow-up, minor damage, and touch-ups I am your bodyshop.
Feel like the Tin Man? I have the oil can, and I know how to use it. Not sure? I am happy to evaluate your situation.


Holistic Proprietary Formulas

I make my own massage and therapeutic formulas. They are always petroleum and additive free! Made from food grade ingredients and highest quality essential oils.

I have also studied many healing traditions from other cultures~ West African, Hopi, Hawaiian, Hindu, Asian. These studies have given me a deeper understanding of how our health works, as well as added techniques to my repertoire.

I don’t sell supplements and other products, though i may recommend something if it would be helpful to you. No hard sells here!



Maintenance Makes a Difference.

Performance is not just dependent upon talent, focused hard work, and great coaching. Proper conditioning, nutrition, and adequate hydration and recovery are also essential.
I can help you with biomechanics evaluation, evaluation of injuries, functional movement screening, rehabilitation treatment, home programs, therapeutic modalities (including deep tissue, myofascial release, herbal & essential oil therapies, Upledger cranio-sacral therapy, body tempering, cupping, corrective exercise, taping, stim, ultrasound, and many more), technique tweaks, mobility work, and more.
My decades of experience working with many of the world’s top athletes, coaches, and team physicians mean I can help YOU reach your athletic goals by helping keep your most important equipment~ your body, CNS, and mind~ in optimum working order.

Boomers / Seniors

I’m a Boomer, and I sure as heck want to keep living my life and my dreams to the fullest, and to be strong and independent all of my days. It’s a joy and a privilege to help you do the same!

If you are driving an older model, if things aren’t working like they used to… i can help. Conditioning programs, technique tweaks, athletic training services, and manual therapies by someone who really understands.


Services Offered

  • biomechanics evaluation

  • evaluation of injuries

  • functional movement screening

  • rehabilitation

  • home programs

  • therapeutic modalities, including deep tissue, myofascial release, herbal & essential oil therapies, Upledger cranio-sacral therapy, cupping, corrective exercise, taping, and many more. At the East Valley Strength and Conditioning Training Room, body tempering, electro therapies, ultrasound, and moist heat are also available.
  • dry needling
  • technique tweaks

  • mobility work, including joint and soft tissue mobilization, stretching, trigger point work, instruction on self mobility techniques (stretching, use of mobility toys)

  • Aromatherapy & custom herbal formulas

  • Gift certificates

  • Clinics, instruction on sports health related topics through Iron Athlete, LLC

  • Clinics, instruction, on other health related topics through Have Thumbs, Will Travel!


Biomechanics background, strength and conditioning coach, licensed massage therapist. International, D1 College, Crossfit, HS experience, as well as Physical Therapy clinic, hospital, and nursing home experience. Innovator in manual therapies.
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, in good standing since 1985 #04-1325
  • Licensed Athletic Trainer, State of AZ, #0173
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Strength & Conditioning Association, 1989, #89225
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, State of AZ, #MT-00668P
  • BS, cum laude, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Exercise Science (Biomechanics) & Public Health (Community Health Education). Internship Public Health. Athletic Training Apprenticeship 1800 hours.
  • Post-graduate studies, Arizona State University, Biomechanics. Graduate Assistantships Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning
  • Rock Doc, Rock Tape
  • Upledger Cranio-Sacral Therapy, advanced training
  • Have Thumbs, Will Travel! private wellness practice, 1988-present.
  • Director of Sports Medicine, East Valley Strength and Conditioning 2012-present. including working with Regional and Games teams.
  • Mobility Coach, Instructor, Iron Athlete Clinics, LLC
  • Athletic Trainer/Massage Therapist USA Wrestling Freestyle Wrestling, Men’s Olympic teams 1988, 1992, 1996, Women’s developmental team, 1993
  • Sports Medicine Committee, USA Weightlifting Federation, 1989-1996
  • Athletic Trainer, USA Gymnastics Federation, 1988-1996
  • Lifelong interest and study of herbal, folk, and international traditional healing systems
  • Athletic Trainer, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club, 1986-96, 2017-present




Where I’m located
By appointment only, at these locations:
Private practice, south Scottsdale, Arizona
East Valley Strength & Conditioning
Email: Marie@MarieFinamoreATC.com
Office Phone: (480) 442-6840
Fax: (480) 945-9782
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